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Initial consultation

The primary question during your initial consultation is the reason for your visit. Have you been referred by a dentist or have you come at your own initiative after experiencing dental problems? We will then check your mouth and teeth to see if an orthodontic treatment is indeed required and possible at this time. In some situations, it might be better to postpone treatment. In these cases, we usually make an appointment for a new check-up six months or a year later. The correct timing to start orthodontic treatment depends on several issues. For children, for instance, an important factor is whether permanent teeth have replaced the baby teeth. Alternatively, a dental procedure might have priority an orthodontic treatment. However, in most cases an appointment can be made for a closer examination.

Initial examination

The initial examination consists of making impressions of your teeth with a scanner, as well as X-rays and colour photos. A treatment plan is then set up based on the collected data. In exceptional circumstances, closer examination might lead to the conclusion that orthodontic treatment is not appropriate or sensible.

Treatment plan

The orthodontist will study all the information obtained during the examination. This study will result in a diagnosis, which in turn forms the basis for the treatment plan. The orthodontist will take the time to discuss this treatment plan, mentioning the type(s) of braces is / are required to get the desired end result with you in detail. Included in this explanation are the expected length and costs of the treatment.


Should you experience pain, contact us immediately and do not wait till your next appointment. If at all possible, call us between 8.00 am and 10.00 am or email us (info@omvl.nl) to enable us to help you that very day. Should the practice be closed, you can call The Monzorgpoli on 088-2632700 for emergencies. See SOS on our website for more information.

Medical data

For the safety of all parties involved, we kindly ask you to inform us about any medical details, such as pregnancy, use of medicine, illness, infections, anomalies, etc.


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