Experiencing pain?

Should you experience pain, contact us immediately and do not wait till your next appointment. If at all possible, call us between 8.00 am and 10.00 am or email us (info@omvl.nl) to enable us to help you that very day.

Should the practice be closed, you can call The Monzorgpoli on 088-2632700 for emergencies.

What can you do yourself?

Below, we provide some information on what you could do to alleviate the symptoms.

Soreness from removable braces
If removable braces are broken or cause pain when worn, make an appointment with the practice at your earliest convenience. Do not wear the braces until two hours before the appointment. By wearing it those two hours, you will enable us to locate the problem.

Jabbing wire
If the wire sticks out at the back and jabs your cheek, a small ball of wax or sugar free chewing gum placed on the end may temporarily alleviate the problem. Alternatively, you can try cutting the end of the wire with nail clippers or a small pair of tongs. Should you not be able reach all the way in the back of your mouth, cut the wire at the front and carefully remove it altogether. Unfortunately, this will not be possible if the wire is bent at the end.

Loose bracket or ring
Should one of the brackets get detached from your tooth, always call the practice for an appointment to get it glued back. Even if an appointment already happens to be scheduled for the near future, please do inform us of the loose bracket in advance so we can extend the time set for you. we can extend the time set for you. The same goes for a loose ring around one of your molars. If you are wearing elastic bands around the ring, leave this out till your next appointment.

Loose splints
If the splints behind your teeth come loose, do not play around with them yourself but make an appointment at your earliest convenience to prevent your teeth from moving. Should it cause pain, you can cover the sharp end with a small ball of wax or sugar free chewing gum. Do not throw out the splints if they have detached completely, but take them with you to your next appointment.

Problems with a Herbst appliance
Should a tube / ring come loose in the upper jaw, keep it and contact us at your earliest convenience. The same goes for the rod in the lower jaw which is known to come out of the tube if the mouth is opened too wide (e.g. when yawning). You can try to re-insert the rod into the tube.


Sensitive teeth after a checkup
It is normal for the braces to cause some sensitivity to the teeth after a checkup. This usually passes within four days and can be alleviated with a painkiller (paracetamol).

Small wounds in the mouth
Just after the braces have been placed, the inside of the cheeks or lips could get irritated. The mouth also needs to get adjusted to the brackets on the teeth. This irritation will automatically disappear after a while. A small ball of wax can temporarily alleviate the complaints.

Gap between the teeth
It is very normal for a gap to appear between the teeth during the treatment. This is not a problem at all, as we will close this gap when we move on to thicker wires, using a special elastic band (chain).

The activator falls out of your mouth whilst sleeping
This sometimes happens when people have just started wearing an activator. After a while, it will stay in your mouth whilst sleeping as well.


Should the practice be closed, you can call The Monzorgpoli on 088-2632700 for emergencies.

The Mondzorgpoli will advice you and if necessary give you an appointment at their clinic. De Mondzorgpoli has locations in Utrecht, Almere and Amsterdam. Please bring the ID and Insureance Card of the patiënt with you.