Practical information on privacy, confidentiality, client satisfaction, payment terms, dispute and insurance.

Privacy and confidentiality

Patient information is not sent to or otherwise shared with third parties without prior consultation with the dentist and informing the patient. Our privacy statement tells you how we handle patient data. All information stays within the practice, with the exception of information needed by a specialist or general practitioner for a medical examination (referral).

Customer satisfaction

We regularly measure customer satisfaction to stay up to date with your requirements and needs. You can naturally also inform the receptionist and/or orthodontist of these yourself.

Payment conditions

Settlement of payments is outsourced to the billing company Infomedics. You can also find more information at For questions about the invoice, you can call the service desk at 036 – 20 31 900.

Difference of opinion

Should you have a difference of opinion with your orthodontist and feel that it can be shown your orthodontist is at fault but you have not been able to resolve the issue together, you can ask the KNMT (Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Tandheelkunde) to mediate.

To deliver care to the highest degree, our practice has gone through a certification process. Our practice has successfully finished the process and has officially been certified according to the strict quality requirements under the ISO 9001 norm. We thus ensure a high level of quality within our practice and strive to continually improve it.


What is covered by your insurance?

Orthodontics are not part of basic healthcare insurance. Reimbursement of the orthodontic treatment depends on whether or not you have additional insurance, and, if so, which one. For an overview of reimbursements by various health insurers as close to complete as possible, go to

  • For an overview of reimbursements for orthodontic treatments by various health insurers for patients up to 18 years of age, please click here.
  • For an overview of reimbursements for orthodontic treatments by various health insurers for patients aged 18 years and older, please click here. Be aware of possible additional requirements.