Orthodontic treatments are performed on patients who are referred by the dentist or the treatment takes place at their own request.

There is no waiting list; patients can visit us for a first consultation at short notice. Treatments based on a medical indication can also be started shortly after a treatment plan has been set up. Any indicated treatment can also be started fairly quickly after a treatment plan is made.

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Initial consultation

The primary question during your initial consultation is the reason for your visit. Have you been referred by a dentist or have you come at your own initiative after experiencing dental problems? Furthermore, the mouth is examined to see if orthodontic treatment is necessary. It may be better to do nothing for now. Usually, it will then be agreed that you will come back in six months or a year, for example. This depends on several things. For children, you should think about the changing of the baby teeth. However, other dental issues may take precedence over orthodontic treatment. In most cases, an appointment can be made for a more comprehensive examination.

Extensive research

The comprehensive examination consists of taking x-rays, color photographs (slides) and scanning the teeth. Based on that obtained data, a treatment plan is drawn up. In exceptional cases, it will be decided, after the comprehensive examination, that it is not desirable or justified to proceed to treatment.

Discussing treatment plan

All information obtained from the comprehensive examination is studied by the orthodontist. Aan de hand van deze gegevens wordt een diagnose gesteld en dat vormt de basis van het behandelplan. The treatment plan outlines which bracket(s) are needed to achieve a good result. This conversation will also reveal approximately how long the treatment will take and how much it will cost.

Pain complaints

If you have a pain complaint, don’t wait until the next checkup, contact us. If possible, call us between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. or send us an e-mail (, so we may be able to help you the same day.

Outside of business hours, please contact the Oral Care Clinic at 088-263 2700 for urgent complaints. See also the information under SOS on this website.

Medical records

For everyone’s safety, we ask that you always inform us of any medical details, such as pregnancy, medication use, illnesses, infections, abnormalities, etc.